Reducing 4 More!
Just a little change can make a world of difference


Our Plastax petition has been doing extremely well!
Plastax is a program to place a small fee on plastic bag, encouraging people to use reusable bags instead.
It has been proven efficient in Ireland, reducing their plastic bag consumption by 94%!

Our petition has reached 43 states and 32 countries and still growing! This was the result of an intense campaign on the internet. We are extremely happy! We currently have 571 people signed! We will be sending the petition to local government official and supermarkets, so stay tuned!

Please sign our petition HERE, if you haven’t. Thanks! (:

Here is an image of the countries we reached!


Peace, Love, and Reduce,
Reducing 4 More!


On March 25th 2008, it was a great day for us.
First, it was One Less Bottle Day, and we calculated that at least 382 guests attended!
That is a great start for this event !

On this day, we also went to Denton Avenue Elementary School, to talk to the Global Awareness Club. We talked to them about our group, and played a game with them, called Plastic Pictionary. It is basically pictionary, but with significant words relating to Reducing 4 More! The kids had so much fun and learned a lot from this day! We are planning to return on April 1st, 2008 to clean up the school playground with them. We might also plant a tree in the near future, and visit Clarke Botanical Garden. We are very excited!

Pictures will be posted soon! 🙂

Yours till the elementary schools,
Reducing 4 More!


So why do we need to even recycle and reduce the amount of plastic bags?
Because of climate change, which is better known as global warming.
We don’t like to use “global warming,” because it is a very controversial term. It is debatable if it’s real or not.
However, whether you believe in global warming or not, our climate is changing.
The average temperature is slowly rising, affecting the world.
Now you might say, how would one degree, or two degree even affect the world?
Well…. let’s see.
People consider six degrees to be doomsday, where all of humanity will die.
But you might be thinking, “it’s even more than a six degree jump from winter to spring… and look, we’re still alive! Lalala!”
But are you considering the world? How much does six degrees mean to them?

We want you to view this incredibly powerful video. If it is the only video you watch on our site, then let it be this one. This video will change the way you look at climate change, or “global warming” forever.
[It is a series of videos, from 1 degree change to 6 degree change by National Geographic. Please watch it all, it’s for your own good!]

Click this link for the whole series:

Yours till the six degrees,
Reducing 4 More!


Did you know that the biggest landfill is in the Pacific Ocean?
That might sound a bit weird since aren’t LANDfills supposed to be on land? Nope!
It is actually a huge swirling pile of garbage in the Pacific Ocean, between Oregon and Hawaii.
And by Huge, I mean about the size of TEXAS, or some even say TWICE the size of Texas.
Yeah, that’s pretty huge. That’s where all of the plastic disposed at the beaches travels to.
The ocean carry them away into this big, icky mess.
So it’s pretty much a huge blob of plastic floating in the ocean, not seen by human eyes.
Plus, it isn’t going anywhere soon since the plastic doesn’t biodegrade.
Scientists say that basically all the plastic, since the landfill was first produced, is still there since it never disappeared.
Marine life is affected by this… and other animal life too.

So think about where all your plastics are going to go if you don’t feel like recycling it. For more info, click HERE

Yours till the garbage patches,
Reducing 4 More!


Are you still a bit skeptical about giving up plastic? Or even just avoiding it?
Well, this blog, Life Less Plastic, is about a fellow activist’s quest on living life with less plastic!
She found our site through the Carbon Conscious Consumer Blog! (See how the word spreads quickly through the internet! :] )
We really admire her as a person because she is willing to take a different path to help the environment.
(Not like our lazy lives revolving around our selfish ideas of conviniece)
Even better, she has created a blog that can inspire each and one of us to do the same.
Her blog has so much information about the amounts of plastics we use today, to creative ideas to help reduce plastic! We loved her list of 24 ways to be plastic free!

We highly recommend you visit her site and treat yourself to ideas to have a “Life Less Plastic!
Here is the link once again:

Yours till the plastic lessens,
Reducing 4 More!


As you probably know, we have been putting tons of effort into spreading our campaign because more people equals more impact. We are pleased to say that our efforts are very successful so far! We were able to contact many people and organizations, but we will like to share this story with you. We had the great opportunity to be able to guest blog on the “Carbon Conscious Consumer Blog.” This was a great chance for us to spread our word! The Carbon Conscious Consumer Blog is a national campaign sponsored by the Center for A New American Dream. This organization helps people to start taking action for a better environment. We greatly support this program since it helps people become more aware of their habits and inspires them to take action! This is exactly what we are trying to do. Visit their website for more information by clicking HERE.

We welcome you to see our guest-blog post on their site by clicking HERE!
Stay tune for more news, as we still have tons of stories up our sleeves!

Yours till the word spreads,
Reducing 4 More! 


Do you know what on March 25th?
No, it’s not our birthday, or our parent’s anniversary.

March 25, 2008 is officially One Less Bottle Day!

Ok, so what exactly IS One Less Bottle Day?

One Less Bottle Day, is a day when people do not use a disposable plastic water bottles. Instead, they use a reusable water bottle.

It is time to take action. Each day, in United States, 60 million plastic bottles are thrown out and not recycled. Only 20% are actually recycled. That might sound a bit weird since it seems like everywhere you go, people tell you to recycle your plastic bottles. These bottles end up in our landfills and pollute the ground. Of course, it will help if you recycled these bottles since we definitely can change these statistics. If you use a reusable bottle everyday for 100 days, instead of drinking a bottle of bottled water and throwing it out everyday, you would have decreased the number of bottles disposed by 100!

So please, give our Earth some respect and make March 25, 2008 One Less Bottle for you and the Earth.

Remember- One bottle… one day… can make a big difference.

*Please spread the word to your fabulous friends and families! 🙂
This event is to make more people AWARE, so start SPREADING.

If you haven’t already, show us you’re willing to join this event by adding it to your facebook calendar. click HERE!
If you don’t have facebook, click HERE!

Yours till the Bottle Reuses,
Reducing 4 More!


Plastic bags pose a threat to our environment (yes, the grocery bags that we get free from the supermarkets). Every year, the United state uses 380 billion plastic bags, while 500 billion to 1 trillion are used worldwide. When they are not recycled, plastic bags photodegrade, forming toxic bits that are harmful to our environment.

So what can we do? We can introduce a PlasTax which is a small “tax” or fee for each of the plastic bags we get in the supermarket. By making people buy plastic bags ( 3 cents or 5 cents fee on each bag), we can gradually decrease our usage of plastic bags. This would encourage us to use reusable bags,too!

PlasTax is already used in various places like Ireland. Ireland was able to decreased approximately 94% of the plastic bags used- which was about 1 billion less plastic bags! If the United States and other countries could follow their example, we can decrease the amount of plastic bags used drastically! SO LET’S TAKE ACTION.

Remember… just a small change can make a whole world of difference!

Sign our petition by clicking here!:

(The information submitted is confidential)


On January 23 and 24, our group visited a local elementary school to discuss the importance of recycling. During our visit, we taught students the benefits of recycling and what would happen if they didn’t (global warming). We did crafts and games with each class and had a great time. At the end of each class visit, each student signed a poster that pledged that they would recycle. Also, each student got a copy of our handout, which shares more information about recycling. The poster the students signed is now hanging in their schools cafeteria. Below are some class pictures we took with the students:

Degliomini’s 2nd grade class

The picture above is Mrs. Degliomini’s 2nd Grade Class with their paper chain and our poster. After presenting our project to their class, each student drew what they could do to help the environment on a strip of paper. When they all finished, we created a chain that is now hanging in their classroom.


Above is a picture of Mrs. Donell’s 3rd grade class with their paper chain and our poster. Unlike the 2nd graders, the 3rd graders drew what happened if we recycled on one strip of paper and what would happen if we didn’t on the other strip of paper.


Above is a picture of our group with Denton Avenue’s gifted class (taught by Dr. Bittman). Their class played our version of Global Warming Jeopardy.


Above is a picture of Mrs. Illardo’s 5th grade class playing our version of Global Warming Jeopardy.


We have just found a short thirty second video about recycling!
It is not completely true- there were no such things as caveman plastic bags.
However, we feel that it does portray a strong message!