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Our Visit to Denton Avenue (Again!)

March 29, 2008

On March 25th 2008, it was a great day for us. First, it was One Less Bottle Day, and we calculated that at least 382 guests attended! That is a great start for this event ! On this day, we also went to Denton Avenue Elementary School, to talk to the Global Awareness Club. We […]

Mark Your Calendars!- One Less Bottle Day

March 17, 2008

Do you know what on March 25th? No, it’s not our birthday, or our parent’s anniversary. March 25, 2008 is officially One Less Bottle Day! Ok, so what exactly IS One Less Bottle Day? One Less Bottle Day, is a day when people do not use a disposable plastic water bottles. Instead, they use a […]

PLASTIC BOTTLES.- Don’t re-use?!

January 21, 2008

“Recycle. Re-use. Reduce. Which would be the best option for the plastic bottles we use each day?” The answer is recycle… and DON’T re-use! Plastic, also known as PET, produces a substance known as DEHA, which could produce cancer growth! They are safe to use f0r one time use to one week use. When you […]


January 20, 2008

“Recycle. You hear that word all the time, you see it everywhere! People always tell you to recycle your plastic bottles. So, doesn’t everyone get the point by now and recycle?!“ The truth is, no! +In the United States, only 20% of plastic bottles are recycled, while the other 80% is not recycled. +Worldwide, only […]