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The Great Pacific Garbage Patch (?!)

Did you know that the biggest landfill is in the Pacific Ocean?
That might sound a bit weird since aren’t LANDfills supposed to be on land? Nope!
It is actually a huge swirling pile of garbage in the Pacific Ocean, between Oregon and Hawaii.
And by Huge, I mean about the size of TEXAS, or some even say TWICE the size of Texas.
Yeah, that’s pretty huge. That’s where all of the plastic disposed at the beaches travels to.
The ocean carry them away into this big, icky mess.
So it’s pretty much a huge blob of plastic floating in the ocean, not seen by human eyes.
Plus, it isn’t going anywhere soon since the plastic doesn’t biodegrade.
Scientists say that basically all the plastic, since the landfill was first produced, is still there since it never disappeared.
Marine life is affected by this… and other animal life too.

So think about where all your plastics are going to go if you don’t feel like recycling it. For more info, click HERE

Yours till the garbage patches,
Reducing 4 More!


2 Responses to “The Great Pacific Garbage Patch (?!)”

  1. thanks for the onfo i will inform my classmates on this subjct
    jkin we have to do this project andthis helpss……..thanks alot stacy

  2. No problem!
    We are glad that the information found on the site was useful. You can check back for more updates and interesting info! (=

    Peace, love, and reduce,

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