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The Great Pacific Garbage Patch (?!)

March 24, 2008

Did you know that the biggest landfill is in the Pacific Ocean? That might sound a bit weird since aren’t LANDfills supposed to be on land? Nope! It is actually a huge swirling pile of garbage in the Pacific Ocean, between Oregon and Hawaii. And by Huge, I mean about the size of TEXAS, or […]

PLASTIC BAGS.- How much?

January 19, 2008

“How much difference can we actually make by reducing the usage of plastic bags…. I’m just one person. What can I do?“ To help you understand about the difference you can make, numbers can always help. – 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are produced world wide annually – 500 billion plastic bags are […]

PLASTIC BAGS.- petroleum!

January 17, 2008

“Cars… Power Ranger Action Figures… Houses… Plastic Bags… A Pen… Barbie Dolls… What do these things all have in common?!“ There answer to this question is the material that they are made of- plastic aka petroleum. What is petroleum?, you might ask. Is it that petroleum jelly you apply on your skin every now and […]


January 16, 2008

“So, you go to the supermarket, you go and checkout the food that you bought. You see the person packing your bag of chips into one bag… and then your box of cookies in a second one. But wait, your super-duper deluxe size ice cream goes into a third. WAIT! We’re not finished! They take […]