Reducing 4 More!
Just a little change can make a world of difference

Six Degrees Can Change the World!

So why do we need to even recycle and reduce the amount of plastic bags?
Because of climate change, which is better known as global warming.
We don’t like to use “global warming,” because it is a very controversial term. It is debatable if it’s real or not.
However, whether you believe in global warming or not, our climate is changing.
The average temperature is slowly rising, affecting the world.
Now you might say, how would one degree, or two degree even affect the world?
Well…. let’s see.
People consider six degrees to be doomsday, where all of humanity will die.
But you might be thinking, “it’s even more than a six degree jump from winter to spring… and look, we’re still alive! Lalala!”
But are you considering the world? How much does six degrees mean to them?

We want you to view this incredibly powerful video. If it is the only video you watch on our site, then let it be this one. This video will change the way you look at climate change, or “global warming” forever.
[It is a series of videos, from 1 degree change to 6 degree change by National Geographic. Please watch it all, it’s for your own good!]

Click this link for the whole series:

Yours till the six degrees,
Reducing 4 More!


2 Responses to “Six Degrees Can Change the World!”

  1. Wow! Very interesting.

    How can I “Reduce 4 More” in my community?

  2. You can “reduce 4 more” by being more aware of your habits with plastics!
    Try using a reusable bag next time you go to the supermarket.
    Use a reusable bottle too!

    Also, you can spread your word to increase your impact!

    Peace, love, and reduce,

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