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Just a little change can make a world of difference

Put PLASTAX To Action!

Plastic bags pose a threat to our environment (yes, the grocery bags that we get free from the supermarkets). Every year, the United state uses 380 billion plastic bags, while 500 billion to 1 trillion are used worldwide. When they are not recycled, plastic bags photodegrade, forming toxic bits that are harmful to our environment.

So what can we do? We can introduce a PlasTax which is a small “tax” or fee for each of the plastic bags we get in the supermarket. By making people buy plastic bags ( 3 cents or 5 cents fee on each bag), we can gradually decrease our usage of plastic bags. This would encourage us to use reusable bags,too!

PlasTax is already used in various places like Ireland. Ireland was able to decreased approximately 94% of the plastic bags used- which was about 1 billion less plastic bags! If the United States and other countries could follow their example, we can decrease the amount of plastic bags used drastically! SO LET’S TAKE ACTION.

Remember… just a small change can make a whole world of difference!

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One Response to “Put PLASTAX To Action!”

  1. One of the simplest ways to have a positive environmental impact is to use reusable grocery bags.

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