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Put PLASTAX To Action!

March 5, 2008

Plastic bags pose a threat to our environment (yes, the grocery bags that we get free from the supermarkets). Every year, the United state uses 380 billion plastic bags, while 500 billion to 1 trillion are used worldwide. When they are not recycled, plastic bags photodegrade, forming toxic bits that are harmful to our environment. […]


January 24, 2008

We have just found a short thirty second video about recycling! It is not completely true- there were no such things as caveman plastic bags. However, we feel that it does portray a strong message!


January 16, 2008

“So, you go to the supermarket, you go and checkout the food that you bought. You see the person packing your bag of chips into one bag… and then your box of cookies in a second one. But wait, your super-duper deluxe size ice cream goes into a third. WAIT! We’re not finished! They take […]