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Plastax Worldwide!

March 30, 2008

Our Plastax petition has been doing extremely well! Plastax is a program to place a small fee on plastic bag, encouraging people to use reusable bags instead. It has been proven efficient in Ireland, reducing their plastic bag consumption by 94%! Our petition has reached 43 states and 32 countries and still growing! This was […]

Our Visit to Denton Avenue (Again!)

March 29, 2008

On March 25th 2008, it was a great day for us. First, it was One Less Bottle Day, and we calculated that at least 382 guests attended! That is a great start for this event ! On this day, we also went to Denton Avenue Elementary School, to talk to the Global Awareness Club. We […]

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch (?!)

March 24, 2008

Did you know that the biggest landfill is in the Pacific Ocean? That might sound a bit weird since aren’t LANDfills supposed to be on land? Nope! It is actually a huge swirling pile of garbage in the Pacific Ocean, between Oregon and Hawaii. And by Huge, I mean about the size of TEXAS, or […]

Spreading the Word

March 20, 2008

As you probably know, we have been putting tons of effort into spreading our campaign because more people equals more impact. We are pleased to say that our efforts are very successful so far! We were able to contact many people and organizations, but we will like to share this story with you. We had […]