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PLASTIC BOTTLES.- Don’t re-use?!

“Recycle. Re-use. Reduce. Which would be the best option for the plastic bottles we use each day?”

The answer is recycle and DON’T re-use!
Plastic, also known as PET, produces a substance known as DEHA, which could produce cancer growth!
They are safe to use f0r one time use to one week use.
When you wash your water bottles to use again, it would accelerate the breakdown of the plastic, which would release chemicals into your drink.

So what we recommend you to do is to buy a re-usable plastic bottle to use!
Lastly, the best option of all is to completely reduce your usage of plastic bottles!

It seems like you all enjoy the videos that we specially picked!
Here is a short, funny video about recycling.
Also, the music is very nice (:

” When you don’t recycle, college students get hurt. Save a college kid. Recycle today.”


3 Responses to “PLASTIC BOTTLES.- Don’t re-use?!”

  1. haha what a funny and educational video!

  2. If we shouldn’t reuse bottles, then what do we do? apparently, I hear there are some plastics we can or can’t recycle?

  3. Instead of using individual plastic bottles, you can buy re-usable ones.
    You can then refill them at home!
    Also, you can just try avoiding them when it’s possibly.
    For example, when you’re at home it wouldn’t be necessary to use water bottles!

    Yes, there are some plastics you can’t recycle, such as the plastic in plastic bags. Instead, those plastics you should re-use.

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