Reducing 4 More!
Just a little change can make a world of difference


Recycle. You hear that word all the time, you see it everywhere! People always tell you to recycle your plastic bottles. So, doesn’t everyone get the point by now and recycle?!

The truth is, no!
+In the United States, only 20% of plastic bottles are recycled, while the other 80% is not recycled.
+Worldwide, only 10% are recycled!
+About 100 bottles/second are recycled.
+About 845 bottles/second are not recycled.
+About 400 million bottles are not recycled EACH day!
+It takes 1kg of CO2 to produce 2 plastic bottles.

Remember, what you recycle really counts!

Watch this short 1 minute clip to really see how much is recycled and how much isn’t.
It’s really informative!


5 Responses to “PLASTIC BOTTLES.”

  1. cool video:)
    its kinda scary how much is wasted.

  2. Yes, it is scary to see how much is wasted.
    To also see it visually definitely proves a stronger point than to only see a bunch of numbers!

  3. wow i love your videos!

  4. wow really r we that bad at reuseing
    if really omg PPLZ recycle

  5. great video! I’m thinking twice about throwing out my waterbottles! lol

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